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MES   Products

MES-Production Process Execution System is a platform product that provides timely tracking and feedback on the production progress, quality control, and material consumption of each product under the work order, as well as key warnings on production efficiency, straight-through rate, and stoppage pending material according to the set early warning indicators, realizing full transparency, complete traceability, real-time error prevention and prior management of the manufacturing site, comprehensively enhancing and improving the manufacturing capability of the enterprise, and real-time data query and analysis functions to help enterprise managers and leaders provide decision support and comprehensively improve the market competitiveness of the enterprise.

WMS   Products

WMS-intelligent warehouse management system is a management system that effectively controls and tracks the whole process of logistics and cost management of warehouse business through the functions of inbound business, outbound business, warehouse transfer, inventory transfer and virtual warehouse management, and the integrated use of batch management, material correspondence, inventory count, quality control management, virtual warehouse management and inventory management, etc., to realize or improve the enterprise's warehouse information management. AM.WMS helps enterprises to solve various problems faced in the warehouse management process, such as: sloppy warehouse management, low efficiency of inbound and outbound operations, accounts do not match, etc., combined with the actual business situation of customers, targeted programs and system design, improve the overall warehouse operation capacity and operation level, to create an intelligent warehouse management system.

TPM   Products

TPM - Integrated Equipment Management System, which can manage the whole life cycle of equipment. The system includes functions such as daily equipment inspection, professional equipment inspection, equipment maintenance, equipment spare parts/spare parts safety inventory management, monitoring of the performance of inspection and maintenance, and visualization of data reports. At present, whether the production equipment used by manufacturing companies is more intelligent and more numerous, these indicators also mark the competitiveness of a manufacturing company to a certain extent.

BI Report   Products

BI Report-Intelligent Data Analysis Platform, through flexible data interaction and exploration and analysis capabilities, comprehensively meets the data analysis needs of industry applications. It provides multi-source data integration, report design, data visualization, self-service BI Report analysis, and data filling functions to help users explore the potential value of data and provide data support for managers to make decisions.

MEPER   Products

MEPER - Low Code Visual Development Platform is a graphical, drag-and-drop, digital technology tool platform that integrates front-end page design, front-end and back-end code integration, and custom code editing to quickly realize innovative applications in enterprise digital transformation and support personalized needs with a small amount of code extension.

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