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Full lifecycle of equipment

TPM Products

TPM - Integrated Equipment Management System, which can manage the whole life cycle of equipment. The system includes functions such as daily equipment inspection, professional equipment inspection, equipment maintenance, equipment spare parts/spare parts safety inventory management, monitoring of the performance of inspection and maintenance, and visualization of data reports. At present, whether the production equipment used by manufacturing companies is more intelligent and more numerous, these indicators also mark the competitiveness of a manufacturing company to a certain extent.

Digitalization of equipment management
, Transparency

Save on spare parts costs

Maintain proper operation of equipment

Preventive maintenance system for enterprises
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AMAX Intelligent Solutions Cloud Platform

The solution was changed to AMAX intelligent solution cloud platform, and the content of the circle red was changed to dig deep into the pain points of the manufacturing industry and accurately create

Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Implementation effect product data management capability improvement; improve the efficiency of product data management, to achieve consistency, integrity and accuracy of product data

Solutions for the Electronics Industry

Transparency in the production process; integration of production process control data with other data; all-round improvement of profitability, productivity and after-sales quality.