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Efficient production and supply, AMAX fully supports the fight against epidemic!

source:founder    2022.04.27

By March 30, a new round of epidemics has affected 31 provinces, and a total of 78 cities. According to incomplete statistics, there are currently 62 high-risk areas and 480 medium-risk areas in the country.

With this severe and complex epidemic situation, medical imaging and AI-assisted treatment are important weapons to detect and fight the epidemic. As an excellent provider of high-performance computing solutions, AMAX is eager to take the company responsibility ,build and upgrade computing power for many medical technology companies and medical-related scientific research institutions across the country.

In the first quarter of 2022, AMAX successfully completed the delivery commitment to all customers, especially those in the medical industry, ensures the stable and smooth progress of the scientific and technological anti-epidemic work related to medical customers.

Product delivered to

Over 15 provinces and 50 cities

More than 100 customers in the medical field

Over 2000 high-performance servers


At the same time, in order to further improve the safety of the entire production process to against the epidemic, AMAX has carried out a full-chain risk prevention and control in production, warehousing, logistics and other links:

• All areas of the company are comprehensively sterilized several times a day, and the health report data of all employees is summarized and reported daily

• Each batch of imported goods is sampled and sent to nucleic acid testing by special personnel, and the goods are fully disinfected

• The key employees involved in the import and export of goods shall conduct daily nucleic acid and health tests and report to the authority

• Register the detailed information of the trucks that come to the factory, the driver will not get off the truck (to avoid the risk of contact), and the containers will be completely sterilized


Actively prevent and control the epidemic, we have never slack off

Medical computing power backup, we go all out

To fight the epidemic in an all-round way, we have always been

AMAXwould like to be with you

Fight the epidemic together, overcome the difficulties together