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AI positioning, automated testing


AI vision control docking, automated safety testing

Patent application number:2021110825000


Smart HIPOT adopts the combination of artificial intelligence vision technology and automation control technology, integrating the assembly line equipment to achieve automatic station access, automatic scanning equipment serial number, visual identification of power port location, PID control automatic docking power port and other functions. At the same time, it is compatible with most of the safety testers on the market, and can automatically perform functions such as grounding continuity (Ground Bonding), Insulation Resistance (Insulation Resistance) and Dielectric (Strength) and other safety testing items. The test data is automatically collected and reports are generated throughout the test, and the data is networked with the MES system using IoT technology. Through Smart HIPOT equipment, the entire safety test can be realized unmanned operation, shorten the equipment testing time, improve the quality of equipment testing, but also to avoid the risk of operation in high-voltage high-current environment, reduce the traditional manual testing methods for complex, standardized, marked test process training and certification costs, to achieve the goal of efficient, safe and cost-reducing testing of products.
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Core Functions

Automation Testing

This product adopts the whole process of automatic control technology, through the sensor monitoring state, to realize the equipment automatically into the station, automatically scan the serial number of the equipment, automatically docking the power port to start the withstand voltage test and ground resistance test, automatically retrieve the push rod, the equipment automatically out of the station, the whole process of automatic collection of test data and automatically generate test reports after the equipment out of the station, to achieve the whole process of unmanned operation.

AI vision & PID control port docking

Artificial intelligence vision refers to the use of computers to achieve human vision functions, through the computer to achieve recognition of the objective three-dimensional world; and PID control is a mature technology with great adaptability and flexibility, is one of the most effective strategies for process control. The product uses artificial intelligence vision technology to identify the position and angle of the power port from far to near, and transmits the identification information to the controller; the controller uses the flexibility and adaptability of PID control technology to precisely control the probe and the power port to interface according to the results returned from AI detection.

Online Test

On-line testing refers to the collection of information data on the operating status of the equipment while the equipment is running and production is not stopped; this product can be used in conjunction with the production line to enable qualified products to be picked up at the discharge point and unqualified products to be returned to the unqualified products for further screening through displacement sensors, thus shortening production time, reducing labor costs and improving product quality. The integration of the inspection process can save 75% of the inspection time and achieve efficient and fast inspection.

Improve security and avoid operational risks

Artificial intelligence technology gives computers the same perception, thinking and behavior capabilities as people, and automated intelligent activities replace the work that requires manual operation. This product uses a combination of artificial intelligence and automation technology to achieve automatic docking of power probes, automatic control of the tester, automatic access to the station, realizing the entire unmanned test, avoiding the risk of high-voltage, high-current operation , reducing the training and certification costs of traditional testing methods. Applicable to a variety of testers and a variety of electrical products safety testing

Applicable to a variety of testers and a variety of electrical products safety testing

Smart Hipot is based on artificial intelligence vision technology and PID control technology, giving it excellent flexibility and functionality. Based on the patented docking connector, this product can dock power ports of various angles and distances, and can perform safety testing on various electrical products. At the same time, the product is adapted to various brands of safety testers and can automatically control the testers for testing work, which greatly improves the utilization rate of various testers.

Overall design

System Demo

Product Versions

FunctionBasic versionPremium EditionFlagship Edition
Automatic assembly line
Device Sweep
Status signal light
Assignment visualization software
Output Reports
Visual PID control docking
IR.DS safety testing
IoT Access
Single-action power probe
Fixed distance docking
Variable distance docking
Dual-action power probe
Tester Compatible

Product Specifications

 Power consumption specification

Total power:1.5KW

Control box input voltage:24V/DC

EMO Power Supply:220V/AC

 Cabinet specifications

Length x Width x Height: 3.5mx0.6mx2.0m


 Control box size

Width x Height x Thickness:0.6m*0.45m*0.25m

 AI control unit

Camera:Industrial camera 600W pixels

Scan Camera:USB camera 200W pixels

AI Controller:Embedded GPU

 AIO Specifications

Length X Width X Thickness: 55cm*32cm*8cm

Screen: 21寸电阻屏

CPU: I3 4550

Memory: 4GB

Storage: 128GB SSD

Network: 1Gbps

 Flow line specifications

Length x Width x Height: 3.5m*0.6m*0.75m

 Operating temperature

Operating temperature: 0-60°C


Camera Interface: USB3.1

Network Interface: RJ45

Tester Interface: DB9

Power connection terminal: C13

Sensor terminals: DB25 x 2

Motor terminals: Aviation plug 9-pin

Network Switches: 1Gbps 5-port