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MES Products

MES-Production Process Execution System is a platform product that provides timely tracking and feedback on the production progress, quality control, and material consumption of each product under the work order, as well as key warnings on production efficiency, straight-through rate, and stoppage pending material according to the set early warning indicators, realizing full transparency, complete traceability, real-time error prevention and prior management of the manufacturing site, comprehensively enhancing and improving the manufacturing capability of the enterprise, and real-time data query and analysis functions to help enterprise managers and leaders provide decision support and comprehensively improve the market competitiveness of the enterprise.

Overall enhancement and improvement of business
Manufacturing Capability

Real-time data query and distribution
Analysis function

Helping business managers and leaders
Decision support from the top

Comprehensive enhancement of the company's market

MES Product Architecture




MES Product Advantages



Photovoltaic industry solutions

To focus on solving the problems of in-process tracking, product management and quality data monitoring in PV module manufacturing business, and to be able to provide timely custom reports and Kanban

Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Implementation effect product data management capability improvement; improve the efficiency of product data management, to achieve consistency, integrity and accuracy of product data

AMAX Smart Manufacturing All-in-One Machine

Solutions changed to AMAX intelligent solutions cloud platform, circle red content changed to dig deep into the manufacturing industry pain points, accurate to create targeted product solutions