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Smart HIPOT adopts the combination of artificial intelligence vision technology and automation control technology, integrating the assembly line equipment to achieve automatic station access, automatic scanning equipment serial number, visual identification of power port location, PID control automatic docking power port and other functions. At the same time, it is compatible with most of the safety testers on the market, and can automatically perform functions such as grounding continuity (Ground Bonding), Insulation Resistance (Insulation Resistance) and Dielectric (Strength) and other safety testing items. The test data is automatically collected and reports are generated throughout the test, and the data is networked with the MES system using IoT technology. Through Smart HIPOT equipment, the entire safety test can be realized unmanned operation, shorten the equipment testing time, improve the quality of equipment testing, but also to avoid the risk of operation in high-voltage high-current environment, reduce the traditional manual testing methods for complex, standardized, marked test process training and certification costs, to achieve the goal of efficient, safe and cost-reducing testing of products.

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Smart Screwdriver console uses a telescopic motor connected to a spring, through the compression of the spring can control the output torque of the reducer; through the stroke of the motor, it can control the compression amount of the compression spring; according to the compression amount, the output torque is precisely controlled to achieve digital torque adjustment. Meanwhile, by installing or wearing a wearable camera above the operation area, the camera will continuously collect visual images of the operation and transmit them to the AI module for screw model and position identification; if the current screw model or position is found to be wrong, invalid torque output and warning messages will be displayed and must be adjusted before the operation can continue. Smart Screwdriver allows users to remotely configure the parameters of the screwdriver, remotely monitor the operation of the screwdriver, and analyze the operation data, thus promoting product quality control. Also based on the scenario design of Industrial Internet of Things, using MQTT and MES system for data transmission, users can define the operation content according to MPI requirements, breaking through the hardware and software barriers to achieve software-defined operations.

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