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AMAX smart manufacturing in various industries to share the success stories, so you can learn more about our products faster

Cooperation mode

Collaboration is the common value, symbiosis and win-win are the foundation of future competition! Strong alliance is our common goal!

we promise

1.We will share the value of market with our partners and provide our partners with better services!
2.Together, we will provide customers with first-class products, solutions and services!
3.We will share more market development opportunities, channels and customer resources with our partners!
4.We will provide partners with more valuable technical services and high value-added support such as a fast, networked alliance platform

We expect

Create value for partners, and devote ourselves to developing customer partners, sales partners, service partners, and technology partners, in order to cooperate with partners in various fields such as products, technologies, and services, and provide customers with good products and services!

Cooperation mode

Sign the "AMAX Intelligent Manufacturing Agency Agreement" with AMAX, sell the software Technology, enjoy the preferential sales policy provided to partners, and obtain the products, technology, pre-sale, implementation, Full-line support at the service, market and other levels, and provide end users with complete pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services!

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